International Conference on Computational Materials Science and
Thermodynamic Systems (CMST 2019)
Venue: Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge
(Contract Booking Ref: C190802)

August 21-22, 2019
Cambridge City, United Kingdom
CMST 2019 Conference Proceedings ISBN: 978-1-912532-08-7



CMST 2019 Conference Proceedings ISBN: 978-1-912532-08-7, The conference proceedings will be also sent to indexation in Thomson Reuters CPCI


International Conference on Computational Materials Science and Thermodynamic Systems will be held August 21-22, 2019 at Hughes Hall, University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom (Contract Booking Ref: C190802), and intends to be a global forum for researchers and engineers to exchange recent innovations, new techniques face to face, and discuss latest results in Computational Materials Science and Thermodynamic Systems, dealing with new developments in theory, analytical, numerical simulations and modeling to provide new contributions on properties of materials including such as but not limited to electronic, magnetic, dynamical, transport, mechanical, growth, formation process, and thermo-dynamical properties of nanoscale systems and materials.


CMST 2019 will offer oral, poster sessions, tutorials and, professional meetings. The program of the CMST 2019 conference intends to foster business or research relations so as to open the way to find global partners for future collaboration and cooperation between participants. All researchers and teams who develop research or recently became interested in the domain of Computational Materials Science and Thermodynamics Modelling are invited.


We hope that the conference results constituted a significant contribution to the knowledge in these up to date scientific fields.


Authors are invited to submit papers presenting original research on Computational Materials Science and Thermodynamics area. Original unpublished manuscripts, and not currently under review in another journal or conference, are solicited in relevant areas including, but not limited to:


Methods and Techniques:


  • Ab Initio calculations
  • Atomic and molecular scale simulations
  • Black body
  • Cellular automata modeling
  • Chemical potential
  • Coarse-grained modeling
  • Computational materials science
  • Critical phase diagram evaluations
  • Density functional calculations
  • Design and analysis of experiments
  • Entropy
  • Finite element analysis
  • First-principle calculations
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Heat engine
  • Internal energy
  • Internet of things based methods
  • Mesoscale modeling
  • Modeling of deformation behavior of materials
  • Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics techniques
  • Multiscale materials modeling
  • Numerical simulation/techniques/algorithms
  • Phase-field modeling of solidification & microstructure
  • Quantum mechanics calculations
  • Semi-empirical and classical approaches
  • Statistical/artificial intelligence methods
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Thermal expansion
  • Thermal radiation
  • Thermodynamic equilibrium Activity


Materials and Applications:


  • Shape memory alloys
  • 3D printer materials
  • Batteries and energy materials
  • Refractory materials
  • Oxide and semiconductor materials
  • Magnesium alloys
  • Rare earth alloys









International Conference on Computational Materials Science and Thermodynamic Systems (CMST 2019)